Duroxite 400
Duroxite 400

Duroxite® 400

Duroxite® 400 is a specially formulated hardfacing overlay pin engineered and designed to withstand severe heat and metal-to-metal wear applications.

 Its exceptional quality comes from the precise control and selection of raw materials as well as proprietary processing. The maximum working temperature for the product is 480 °C (900 °F). The work-hardening hardness of the Duroxite® overlay pin can reach up to 58 HRC in service. The Duroxite® 400 overlay pin matches with 12% Manganese Bushings. This Bearing System is expected to last longer than traditional hardened surfaces used such as induction heated and quenched 4140 pins.

Key Benefits

  • Provides superior wear resistance in overlay and a tough inner core
  • Performs well when torqueing and surface compression are involved
  • Designed to outlast original equipment and manganese pins


Typical Applications

新疆11选5Duroxite® 400 was originally developed for dragline bucket components, but has gained wide acceptance in other applications as well。 It is also used for heavy mining or industrial equipment, such as dragline shovels, clam shell buckets, sheave pins, backhoe pins, and crusher shafts。

Overlay pins can be machined to meet the requirements of any specific application。




Duroxite® 400

Duroxite® 400

 Standard diameters

Standard pin length

 Metric unit

Imperial unit 

 Metric unit

 Imperial unit

 76 mm to 280 mm   3” to 11”  Up to 2.74 m  Up to 108”




Surface Hardness

Number of overlay passes 

Typical as-welded surface hardness 1) 

Work hardening hardness 

 Multiple passes  52 to 54 HRC (540 to 570 HV)  Up to 58 HRC (650 HV)


1) Surface hardness is measured on machined flat surface just below overlay surface.


Diameter of Duroxite® 400 can be guaranteed within the typical tolerances of ±0。127 mm (±0。005”)。



Roundness tolerance can be guaranteed within ±0。254 mm (±0。010”)。

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