SSAB Domex Tube 500MH

SSAB Domex® Tube 500MH

For advanced engineering and construction

SSAB Domex® Tube 500MH is extra-high-strength structural hollow section.

It is available in circular, rectangular, square and special shapes。 Customized shapes and other tailoring options are available upon request。 It is typically used in advanced engineering and construction where weight reduction, lower costs and safety are important。 It meets the standard requirements of EN 10219 when applicable and is CE marked according to EN 1090-2。

SSAB Domex® Tube 500MH is manufactured by cold forming and high frequency welding from clean, high quality environmentally friendly steel by modern and efficient tube lines。

Dimension Range

SSAB Domex Tube 500MH is available at circular, square and rectangular shapes. 

Circular 42.4 - 323.9 mm 
Square 40x40 - 300x300 mm 
Rectangular 50x30 - 400x200 mm 
Wall thickness 2.0 - 12.50 mm
Mill length 6000 - 12 000/18 000 mm

Other shapes and sizes are available upon request.

Available Standards

EN 10219-2

EN 1090-2

Select shape to view properties

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