Harvester with Strenx® Performance steel


Harvesters are tending to become more comprehensive and wider to be more cost-effective and cover more acres per hour. This can be achieved by using high-strength steel in all the structural parts.
Wagon with Strenx® Performance steel

Agricultural trailers

Agricultural trailers made of Strenx® in thinner dimensions than conventional steel become both stronger and lighter. If you are looking for steel for trailer chassis, look no further than Strenx® performance steel.
Plow with Strenx® Performance steel


Plowing and cultivating in hard soil puts a heavy strain on farming equipment. The high strength of Strenx® performance steel makes plows and cultivators work more effectively.
Telehandler with Strenx® Performance steel


With its high strength-to-weight ratio, Strenx® can help your telehandlers handle nearly anything. Extend reach and boost lifting capacity while maintaining the strength, stability, and safety of the vehicle.
Strenx® customer case Agro-Masz

Heavy-duty plows from AGRO-MASZ

Strenx® customer case TMC Cancela

My Inner Strenx® program for forestry and agricultural

predictable production

Predictable production

– Welding
– Bending
– Machining
– Cutting
– Strenx® guarantees

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