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新疆11选5 performance steel in their platforms because it has guaranteed tolerances at the same time enabling their products to be designed lighter and reach further.

Remote controlled heights

Palazzani Industrie has started to make very special remote controlled platforms. No matter if you are indoors or outdoors or at narrow places, these beauties will help you reach higher. All made in Strenx® performance steel.

Lighter booms

MPG is Turkey's leading lifting equipment producer. When upgrading to Strenx® performance steel they were able to make 10–12 % lighter telescopic booms and all terrain cranes that reached even further (up to 71 m). A crucial improvement to them and their customers since they will increase their productivity as well as decrease their fuel costs.

– a high strength yet lightweight steel.
MPG, one of the major producers in the crane industry, heavily relies on high-strength steel from SSAB. The company’s use of Strenx® performance steel as well as Hardox® wear resistant steel, for some of its special projects, has resulted in a number of standout applications.

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