SSAB Multisteel
SSAB Multisteel covers multiple steel grades and standards


SSAB Multisteel covers multiple steel grades and standards

SSAB Multisteel for European and US standards across the 355 MPa range

SSAB Multisteel is a versatile structural steel that covers a number of European and US structural, shipbuilding and pressure vessel steel standards. This flexibility over standard steels, enables you to reduce steel stocks, while still having the necessary range of steel grades for fast delivery or for your own production.

Additionally, with consistent properties from batch to batch and high workability, you can be assured that Multisteel is always up to the job in hand.
SSAB Multisteel can be delivered in custom dimensions directly from the mill, enabling you to optimize yield for steel projects.
The homogenous properties of SSAB Multisteel provide considerable benefits.

Easy to work with

The narrow window for tolerances ensures excellent machining, welding, and bending properties, making Multisteel the ideal working steel.
Workshop performance

Workshop performance

新疆11选5Machining with all kinds of equipment is consistently stable thanks to the narrowly controlled mechanical and dimensional tolerances. The tolerance window for thickness is ¾ of the EN standard. SSAB Multisteel consistently compares favorably to standard S355 steels.

A CEV value that is lower than standard for most grades ensures excellent welding performance. 

Bending properties exceed Euronorm requirements。 The consistent yield strength and uniform thickness deliver predictable and repetitive spring back。 Bending radius is 2 x thickness in all directions。

403 Kb

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Call or send an email to inquire about prices and how to order SSAB Multisteel。


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