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is the world leader of demolition and recycling. Thanks to utilizing the benefits of Hardox® wear plate, the long-term collaborations with SSAB and more than 60 years of passion and hard work, MB makes the best selling crusher bucket in the world with over 90% market share.
Earthmovers lasts up to 50% longer than conventional earth scrapers. Thanks to Hardox® wear plate, the scrapers are stronger and lighter which helps you save fuel. Every K-Tec scraper ever manufactured is still workable condition.
is Austria’s leading bucket manufacturer. Their buckets are recognized as harder and tougher. Thanks to Hardox® wear plate, their buckets has consistent properties when it comes to hardness and toughness. They have extraordinary high performance, which means longer service life, saving you downtime on site.


Loosing weight – gaining competitive edge

Antech, a Taiwanese manufacturer of high-quality excavator teeth, buckets and attachments has made quite a steel-journey. Starting out with a lower tensile steel, switching to a heavier gauge steel and finally upgrading to Hardox® enabling them to both cut bucket weight and achieve a better wear life.

and Strenx® in as much of its excavation equipment as possible to achieve their goals.

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