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A hard core Hardox® fan

He runs two companies, drives a road grader in the summer and plows snow in the winter. Meet Zeb, a contractor in the machine industry who probably lives closer to Hardox® than anyone else.

Zeb Macahan
in the lightweight body design, they now produce the lightest steel tippers in the market.

When reality strikes, Hardox® has the toughness to take it

Dumploada from Stronga is a reliable all-purpose tipper that is tough enough to take on a world of abuse. A true farmers favorite that won’t let you down no matter if you dump sand, hay, or even stones from heights. As a member of Hardox® In My Body you can be sure Stronga have been thoroughly assessed to earn the right to display the logo and that the tippers are manufactured to the highest standards, using Hardox® wear plate.


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