Sustainable building with GreenCoat®

Sustainable building with GreenCoat®

GreenCoat® color coated steels stand at the forefront of sustainable building trends worldwide. With numerous advantages over traditional materials like zinc and aluminum, creating buildings with the lowest possible impact on the environment is now possible. 
Swedish rapeseed oil for sustainable building

Sustainability of steel

Steel is one of the few materials that offers a 100 percent closed recycling loop. This means that it can be used again and again efficiently, without any loss of its properties or performance – and without the creation of hazardous waste. Steel is also easy to repurpose and reuse, and emits less CO2 during its production than other common building materials like aluminum. 

At SSAB, approximately 20 % recycled scrap metal is used in conjunction with steel production in Sweden and Finland, and 100 % in the US. This makes the total average across all product sites approximately 45 %.

Steel is also preferable to other metals when it comes to building。 Many governments prohibit the use of non-ferrous metals like zinc and copper in buildings due to the risk of soil contamination when these metals are washed into the ground by rain。 

新疆11选5Already today, SSAB’s blast furnaces emit 7 % less CO2 than the EU average. Through our joint technology initiative HYBRIT, we aim to virtually eliminate all CO2 emissions in steel making. 

 House KD made from GreenCoat steel
40 years of worldwide outdoor testing for increased durability
GreenCoat® and greener transportation

GreenCoat® and greener transportation

SSAB’s sustainable objectives with regards to logistics are managed through a certified environmental management system. The aim is to increase the share of logistics contracts with partners who have signed up for energy efficiency agreements in the logistics and transport sector.

Currently, around 85 %of SSAB’s land transportation per ton of products is carried out by partners committed to these agreements. SSAB also strives to optimize transports, maximize payloads and combine transports as efficiently as possible. 

Environmental certifications and eco-labels

Environmental certifications and eco-labels

SSAB actively tracks and anticipates future changes in environmental, safety and chemical legislation and complies with valid chemical regulations. GreenCoat® color coated steel products are thereby in compliance with the following regulations:

  • REACH regulations
  • CLP (1272/2008/EC)
  • SundaHus
  • BASTA (2017:A1)
  • Byggvarubedömningen (Building Material Assessment, BVB, 2013)
  • Swedish Building Product Declarations (Föreningen för Byggvarudeklarationer, BPD 3, 2007)

Order samples and request more information

Get in touch to order samples with the sustainable Swedish rapeseed oil coating available in a great variety of matt, gloss and metallic surfaces as well as for wide range of different building applications. 

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