All High Edge Ductility steels
Docol high edge ductility


Docol® HE is a new range of hot rolled advanced high strength steel (AHSS) with improved edge ductility for automotive manufacturers facing technical challenges in production.
Docol high edge ductility
Examples on applications where Docol® HE can work as a problem solver.

Yield strengths of 355 to 500 MPa

Docol® HE is currently available with yield strengths of 355MPa, 420MPa, 460MPa and 500MPa. They are available in thicknesses from 2-6 mm and are delivered as coil or sheet. The next step in product development for this type of steel will focus on extended dimensions ranges and higher tensile strengths.

Available Docol® HE steel grades:
Docol® 355 HE
Docol® 420 HE
Docol® 460 HE
Docol® 500 HE

A finer microstructure

standard grade

Standard MC/LA grade

A finer microstructure

docol he grade

Docol® HE grade

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