HYBRIT - First in fossil-free steel

SSAB will stepwise move toward a fossil-free steelmaking process through the HYBRIT initiative and eliminate other fossil fuel related emissions, making it possible to be fossil free within the entire operation. 


Sustainable Offering

For a stronger, lighter and more sustainable future: SSAB’s advanced high strength steels and quenched & tempered steels. 


Working together with our customers, SSAB continuously upgrades the material and design of applications. The benefits of upgrading to high-strength steel include reduced weight, improved fuel economy and extended product lifetime – all of which significantly contribute to reducing a product’s carbon footprint.

Sustainability news

apr 15 2020

SSAB Americas gives priority designation to disaster relief steel production

Relief Effort Priority designation ensures steel orders destined for COVID-19 relief projects are expedited through manufacturing process.

mar 10 2020

SSAB EcoUpgraded concept benefits ILAB Container – 36 tonnes of CO2 saved per container

ILAB Container, the leading container supplier in the Nordic countries, has found SSAB EcoUpgraded to be a very useful concept when telling customers about the advantages of high-strength steels and ILAB containers.

dec 4 2019

SSAB initiates study in Finland for fossil-free steel

SSAB starts a study in Finland for fossil-free steelmaking。 In line with the HYBRIT project, SSAB is taking the next step for a completely fossil-free steel value chain。 In partnership with Gasum, Neste and St1, SSAB is initiating an Energy4HYBRIT prefeasibility study supported by Business Finland to investigate the use of fossil-free energy sources, primarily biomaterial side-streams, to replace fossil fuels in certain steelmaking processes, for example rolling processes。 The Raahe mill will act as SSAB’s pilot。

Sustainable business

Sustainable business

Sustainability is central to our vision and strategy. We know that sustainable business supports strong financial and operational results.
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