SSAB's value chain

SSAB’s business model is built on fostering close, long-term customer relationships. Through intense collaboration, SSAB continuously develops new products, applications, services and processes in order to improve our customers’ performance in sustainability and overall efficiency.

SSAB’s value creation model describes how value is created through SSAB’s business model, which takes different types of inputs and transforms them into outputs through business activities. These create value for SSAB and our stakeholders, including society and the environment. Most value is created in the use phase of SSAB’s products, as our customers are able to produce lighter and stronger end products. SSAB aims to reduce the environmental impact of our steel products in every phase of the lifecycle, from raw material extraction to recycling at the end of a product’s life.

SSAB strives to integrate sustainability into its culture since the company’s endeavors depend on every employee’s contribution. Every activity undertaken is guided by:

  • Our vision and values
  • The principles of our management philosophy SSAB One
  • Management systems such as our and
  • Our
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